Somewhere Between September and February

Ester Petukhova

A digital collage of multiple images blurred together and masked out by body shapes.
“Don’t Hammer Shots at the Playground” by Ester Petukhova

Removed from our former world and ways of living, I cannot help but turn back to gaze upon old pictures, videos, music and media I collected pre-quarantine.
I’m interested in this assimilation of our being into the virtual space. How our worlds, both on a micro scale and macro, are also forced to be transferred into this virtual world.
Suddenly, even physical works become only tangible through a virtual space, through the sharing of a screen. Sculptures are no longer physical— rather projections of the physical form. With these sorts of ideas in mind I wanted to explore the processes of integrating analog and physical art into virtual pixel accounted spaces.

The first step in this project was creating various collages through analog processes from sourced materials such as: archives, old magazines, etc. These collages are not exactly concerned with a specific narrative, but rather the building of a bizarre surrealist world.
Afterwards, these collages were scanned, the figures found in the photos saved in my camera roll pre-quarantine were isolated. I then virtually wrapped these collages onto the bodies of these figures, combining two worlds that are fundamentally inaccessible, existing somewhere in between a present and past time.

A person's shape that looks to be reflecting the world around it.
“Old Folks Dormitory” by Ester Petukhova
A digital collage of a persons figure turned silver and composited blurred with images of people.
“Holy Confection” by Ester Petukhova
A digitally manipulated image of a person crouching next to an indistinct object.
“Jennifer and Mini Golf” by Ester Petukhova

Manipulation on images taken by Miles Conn, Teresa Lourie, National
Geographics, Archived Photographic Images from the Soviet Union (1970-1980).