Spatial Disintegration

Karina Lopez

This project is about the shifting perceptions of our body-space relationships. Spatial Disintegration is based on the brutalist framework being that it has a history of contradiction. Such movement stems from socialism, which then sci-fi films borrowed their architecture as an icon to represent totalitarianism. This same shift of perception comes in the types of agencies people have with space and structures. For the visualization of this concept, I filmed dancers cohabit in public spaces surrounded by brutalist structures. Those dancers performed sets of LMA (laban movement analysis) movements, which comes from their awareness of their body in such space, the (repetitive) imitation of others that also exist in that space and their personal relationship with the spatial qualities of their environment. The end result was a generative film with procedural overlaying visual distortions, emphasizing their own interpretation of space and how that has an impact on architecture and the multiplicity of our behavior in that environment.

In collaboration with the following artists: Sound Design by The Sinking Performed by Agustina Suárez, Alberto Munguía, Año Luz Plataforma Escénica (Luis Neri), Jose Merino, Katia Zaitseva, and Victor Siáñez-Vaca.