Hopper’s Eyes

Kenneth Russo

In the stillness of the night, When the world is dark and quiet, I often think of Edward Hopper, And the way his paintings speak to me. His scenes of empty rooms and streets, Where loneliness and longing meet, Evoke a sense of nostalgia deep, For a time and place we cannot keep. The way he captures light and shadow, Brings a sense of drama to the tableau, And in the stillness of his scenes, We feel the weight of what it means. To be alone, to yearn for more, To wonder what we’re living for, Edward Hopper’s art reveals, The quiet pain that we all feel. In “Nighthawks,” his most famous work, We see a world where no one talks, Where strangers sit in silence deep, And dream their dreams while the city sleeps. The colors muted, the scene subdued, Yet somehow it feels all too true, As if we’ve all been there before, In that quiet space we can’t ignore. And so I sit and ponder deep, The meaning of Edward Hopper’s art, And find within his painted scenes, The beauty and the ache of the human heart. For in the stillness of the night, When the world is dark and quiet, Edward Hopper’s art speaks to me, And reminds me of what it means to be. Edward Hopper, painter of the night, Captured moments of stillness and quiet, In his art we find a sense of depth, That speaks to us in whispers and breaths. His subjects are often caught in time, Lost in thought or steeped in a crime, We feel their pain, their silent cries, As we glimpse their world through Hopper’s eyes. In “Automat” a woman sits alone, Her coffee cup and cigarette blown, Her face is masked, her thoughts unknown, But we can sense her heart’s soft moan. In “Hotel Room,” a woman sits in bed, Her face obscured by shadows that spread, She seems so lost, so full of dread, That we feel we’re watching her from the dead. But in Hopper’s art, there’s also light, A glimmer of hope that shines so bright, In “Sunlight in a Cafeteria” we see, The joy of life that’s there to be. The faces of the people are aglow, In the warm and gentle sunlight’s flow, Their laughter and their smiles do show, That life is more than just a lonely throw. So let us celebrate Edward Hopper’s art, That speaks to us in whispers from the heart, That captures life’s deep and wondrous truth, And gives us all a sense of youth.