Greens and Blues

Mark Anthony Hernandez Motaghy

Video, 04:15

Greens and Blues is an audio-visual collage that explores the imagery of gardening to reflect on relational growth and care: like plants, relationships need trimming and watering.

The project parallels physical and digital spaces, such as Somerville community gardens, psychotherapy VR spaces, and web archives, that all require slow, long-term tending. Such virtual psychotherapy spaces and web archives are not unlike a digital garden and offer a way of meeting and sharing content on the internet, thereby maintaining a relationship.

Greens and Blues disturbs the idea of an “authentic” nature – and self – and explores how we are all shaped by our relationships.

Special thanks to Nida Sinnokrot and Semine Long-Callesen.


This project is part two in a series called Hyperlink Blues. See Hyperlink Blues: Experiments in Virtual Psychotherapy, Dirt, 2021.