Ghost City Avenue S

Jody Zellen

Collage that is segmented equally by four, black vertical lines. In each partition are severed but distinguishable parts of city buildings, bridges, beams, and other urban architecture.

“Avenue S” is Jody Zellen’s latest addition to “Ghost City,” (1998-2020). “Avenue S” is an ongoing creation of new linked web pages containing fragmented images, animations and texts that are a poetic meditation on isolation. It feels like a ghost town everywhere these days: the streets are empty; the beaches and parks are closed.

As we stay at home or walk alone wearing masks, I wanted to provide an alternative experience.

Jody Zellen
A grid of fragmented photographs with smaller boxes of crude drawings . The words "EMPTY" "ISOLATION" "SPACES" "STAY" INVISIBLE" "SAFE" FEAR" STEPS" are distributed in isolation across the grid with colored backgrounds behind the text.