Flat / Surface

Agnese Cebere

Pool, Agnese Cebere.

An algorithm turns one type of visual information into another. A forest, a pool, or a waterfall, turns into a sigil, a digital map with its myriad peaks and troughs, at times smooth, at times tightly compressed. One surface turns into another, reflection turns into depth, light into form. Perspective is lost and turns opaque, creasing and folding, glossing over. Imprinted and embossed, the edges of shapes form ridges in the landscape of this new image. A desert, a mirror; absorbing the gaze.

The surfaces in this series range between shiny chrome and quicksilver, resin, wax and dense charcoal. A flatness that is never quite flat but invokes haptic seeing, touching with the mind’s eye the image that has been translated from an analog process of light capture onto film, to a digital manipulation that invites another order of chance and automation into the process of transformation.

This restructuring creates a digital fossil of a photograph, completely changing our experience of it, a phenomenological shift enacted through the algorithmic alchemy of editing software, obscuring the origins of the traces visible in the current state of the slab that once was an image of the natural world we inhabit. The flatness of a flat image of illusory depth is exacerbated and curdles into a surface.


Curve, Agnese Cebere.
Cascade, Agnese Cebere.
Chrome, Agnese Cebere.
Pool 2, Agnese Cebere.
Waterfall Imprint, Agnese Cebere.
Impact Chrome, Agnese Cebere.
Fall Chrome, Agnese Cebere.
Gash, Agnese Cebere.